G12 LCD cleaning


Alsace, France
My compacts travel in pockets, and are continually getting thumbprints on the LCD. This hasn't bothered me in the past - a wipe with whatever was handy usually shifted the crud adequately - but the G12 is so obliging that I feel quite protective towards it. So I've been and gone and bought a GGS LCD protector.

Natch, I've been using the camera so it already has traces of my paws, careful though I am with this particular jewel. I want the LCD to be pristine again before I put it under glass.

So the 64-cent question is, how do I clean a G11/G12 LCD?

Thanks in advance


I happened upon a happy solution to cleaning: isopropyl-alcohol/water-soaked spectacles-cleaning tissue followed by a microfibre cloth that had come with an LCD monitor. I rolled the tissue up and tore it in two to provide a soft swab rather than an abrasive cloth, cleaned the screen then let it dry and polished it gently with the cloth. It is wondrous to behold.

But the GGS protector is too thick to allow the LCD to close up properly, so that's a few more shekels on the experience side of the balance book. Caveat emptor.