Canon Showcase G1X Images

Bruce McL

Here are a couple of photos from the industrial district in Berkeley.



These two images are processed with Kodachrome presets for Lightroom by X-Equals.

XEQUALS Color for LR

X-Equals was giving these presets away for many years. Now they have combined the Kodachrome presets with many others and sell them. I don't often use this sort of retro/vintage style, but the Kodachrome presets are good at it. The ability to mix and match tone curves and color mixes is very helpful, as is the fact that both tone and colors are available without grain or vignetting. I did add vignetting to these two using Lightroom's post crop vignetting control.

I am still getting a feel for what this new-to-me camera will do. Here are a couple of black and white shots from the same day (today).



Bruce McL

Emulating film can be tricky. The expired film / aged negative / aged print look seems to be popular right now. I use some of that, but I'm also interested in the look of film at it's best.

Bruce McL

Man walking a Dog in a Eucalyptus grove. Shot RAW, cropped a bit.


To avoid blowing out the highlights I took the photo at EV -1 and then did a lot of processing in Lightroom to bring up the shadows.

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