Micro 4/3 G9 rubber cover peeling!

Mike G

Oct 7, 2016
West London
Mike Gorman
When I received a brand new G9 + 12-60mm in August I was thrilled, thinking this was a camera I could live with for a long time, the image quality was superb, handling brilliant, menu system also very good! But yesterday I was gutted to find that the rubber surface covering the SD card slots door was peeling away from the cover and it now seems to be to large to fit back in where it used to be!
Now I’ll find out how good Panasonic Warranty service is, as it appears to be operated by a contractor!
Very disappointed Panasonic.


Hall of Famer
Jan 19, 2015
Wow, haven't had it long have you. Quality control was the main reason I stopped buying Olympus cameras, I'd always assumed Lumix was better in that regard. I guess this is also a warning to the likes of me that buy gear second hand, at least you're covered by warranty.

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