Fuji Gariz Half Case For X100

Hi BB,
I really think it is a viable option. I noticed when I set the camera down last night for the first time in the new case that there is just a little bit of leather overhang that hits the surface before the metal base does. 'Not sure if this is intentional in the design or just the way this particular case I have ended up being made. But it was a nice find. The Gariz case certainly isn't a "full body armor" design but I think it still offers some amount of protection at least for me when I set it down while out in the field.
. . . David


the metal part never touches against anything on my case either. it is designed that way. The case is an attention grabber, i went to my local Wolf camera to buy a lens cover that fit the lens hood, and the guys there could not stop talking about the looks of my camera with the case, lens hood, red strap, and soft button. But they kept asking about the case. I still highly reccomend this case. Oh, and if you dont have a lens hood, they now have a leather cover that sticks with adhesive to the factory lens cover. i opted out on this option cause i always have my hood attached abut my matching leather neck strap is on its way, will also post pics and review on that when it arrives.
Just a note after using the Gariz case for a couple of weeks - Generally I only put cases on my cameras when we travel but just for fun I left this case on the X100 since it arrived. Funny, I don't really notice it being there at all and have really appreciated the opening in the bottom of the case for the the access to the battery and the SD card. I just finished three faculty portrait sessions shot environmentally and the case added to the grip of the camera too. 'Just thought I'd mention this.
. . . David


Did you look at the Ciesta case? Seems to come uo higher, not sure if that is good. Also not sure if I like the metal bottom, good for wear and tear I an sure.


There as a USSeller on eBay and Amazon, $95 shipped. I like the idea of a US seller, think it is an office for one of the Asian sellers.


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Old thread, JS :) However I'm glad you bumped it. I've been considering the Gariz but saw the Ciesta some time ago and havent been able to find it lately. There was also a Horusbennu case but that seems to have disappeared entirely.

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