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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
For my friend Mark, I have discovered a wonderful tequila called Centenario that is not just smooth, but also delicious. You can drink it from a snifter without anything else to get in the way of the flavor. It will make you forget all your troubles. At least until you wake up in a strange city and wonder where you left your pants.
"You are on my good friend - now make it a double on the double!
[zip, whip, clomp]...and here, pop these pants of mine behind the bar - at least then I'll have something to come back to.
....actually while you're down there be a pal and pass me something sharp, so I can lop off this finger of mine - yeah second one from the left on the left hand - no finger then no ring around there when I wake up in a Las Vegas gutter"

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