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There is a popular thread over at our sister forum where folks share what photography gear (and related) they have brought in the past week. I find it great or not so great depending on the state of my credit card and thought something similar here might be good. My quick and dirty search didn't find anything but if I missed a thread please let me know.

To get the ball rolling this arrived at my door yesterday ...


Mindshift Gear Trailscape 18L Backpack
by Andrew Priest (Aushiker), on Flickr

Received my Mindshift Gear Trailscape 18L backpack yesterday from B&H. Initial impressions are very positive: nice and light (1.3 kg); heaps of room for my kit; light the zippers with their large pulls, and the pockets for small things. On the downside would have like the raincover to be attached to the bag aka LowePro and for some reason I thought this was a rear opening bag, it is not. Not the end of the world but a lesson in research properly. It turns out the Mindshift Gear Backlight 26L is the one with rear opening. It is much bigger but at 26L and 1.8 kg.

Now seriously considering a Mindshift Rotation 180 Horizon 34L or a Rotation 180 Panorama 22L as looking to complete Wainright's Coast to Coast walk in the UK and will need a way to carry my camera gear and walking gear.
Interesting. What is the advantage or benefit of these?
For me they allow the option of releasing the shutter with the soft part of my finger instead of the end of the finger. I have a very bad habit of "jabbing" the shutter anyway. These seem to help even if I'm using the tip of the finger. Besides, they look oh-so-cool. :rolleyes: My favorites - Beep - Boop - Bip - Bug . Good luck.
. . . David
where are the photos.....don't you people have cameras?
I suppose. . . :rolleyes:
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