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When I had to buy a replacement 01 prime lens for the one which died on my Pentax Q7, a generous friend and fellow Pentaxian from whom I purchased it, included his pristine and under-used Q body in the sale. Unlike the plastic-bodied Q7, the Q is made from magnesium---


Truth is, both cameras feel and handle similarly - and though the original Q has a significantly smaller sensor, the 01 prime gives fine quality on both cameras---


I didn't actually need another tiny Q - but I'm finding it quite fun to shoot with.


Purchased a used 24-70 F4 s line lens and a K&F circular polarizer with the nano coating. Been happy with both. Looking at getting a UV/ protective filter for the 24-70, any recommendations ? I’ve been looking at B&W, Hoya and K&F filters.
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Purchased a used 24-70 F4 s line lens and a K&F circular polarizer with the nano coating. Been happy with both. Looking at getting a UV/ protective filter for the 24-70, any recommendations ? I’ve been looking at B&W, Hoya and K&F filters.
I use a Hoya HD Protector (no UV - you don't need that with modern Nikon sensors). Slim, rather sturdy, easy to clean thanks to its coating.

The use case is scratch protection fo the front lens if I want to leave off the cap *and* hood in the bag.

It wasnt exactly on the agenda, but a pocketable camera was and I have been oogling the classified for something since around christmas times. Found out the new, over the counter price on the GX880 with the 12-32 kit lens, (220ish USD in local currency), at one of the big brand stores, so look at my precioussss:


Here sporting the Mk1 14mm f:2.5 from earlier this week. It is proper tiny and pocketable, being a fraction larger than the Canon S120, this is untill one mounts a proper lens on it, then the size comes up. I will see how the 15mm Oly BCL fares on it, when that one comes around, snagged a second hand one for about 28 buck transport included, yesterday.

The lens has the Etsumi sun shade for the 20mm f:1.7 on, for a bit of testing as to vignetting and such. So far, I cant really see any traces of vignetting, but I need to do a bit of more work and pull it up on the PC to really see how it fares.

I may end up doing a write up on my M43 system, what it has been, what it is pr now and a bit of odds and ends, in the gear porn tread later.
Two recent acquisitions.

1. A 24mm lens that I came across on a local auction site. I have a soft spot for kind of weird lenses with unusual specs. Revue was a brand used by the West-German photostore chain Foto Quelle in the 1970's and later; don't know when that was over. This lens is reputedly designed and produced by Enna München (Munich). In case you wonder, image quality is nothing to write home about and mechanically it feels cheap, plasticky and wobbly.


2. This afternoon I spotted a Chinon 2/50 (M42 mount) in the second-hand display case of a local photo store. As I have less than 20 50mm lenses I couldn't pass up on this one for only € 10. My wife, slightly surprised because she knows my preference for really expensive stuff: "Why did you buy it?"Me: "Curiosity". She: "Ah, OK." A quick glance through the Sony A7R4's viewfinder didn't look bad at all, tomorrow it will be pitted against the Zeiss Loxia 2/50.


Click on the pictures to go to a gallery with more photos of these lenses.
In the ongoing GX880/miniaturisation "EDC project", this one arrived today.


Second hand, at 28 bucks freight included it cant really be faulted.

Looking to add the 9 mm as well, I probably have it somewhere, but I havent seen it since 2018. Getting a new one makes for finding the misplaced one within 24 hours, I think....
I won't rain on your parade, but I really dislike being stuck at f8 on M4/3, it's so restrictive on what light you can reliably shoot under. But they are small. I just wish they were f5.6.
No rain on my parade, I have a semi idea of what I got myself into, as I have some experience with the 9mm of the same ilk and browsed a bit before gobbling up the bait. Also, somewhere in the reptile parts of my brain, owning the worst lens in the world has a certain appeal. :drinks:

There is some thoughts/ideas in the background of it, but this is really just a matter of getting the smallest possible "lens" and see how it fares, other than that it is somewhat redundant, as I have FOV or very close, covered in at least 4 other tiny lenses. Two zooms (12-32/14-42PZ) and two primes (14mm and PL15mm). The price was right as well. I dont think I would have bought it box fresh over the counter, the 9mm I will do that with, but that offers a somewhat slanted view of the world.
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I had the 9mm, it is a rather strange field of view once the distortion sets in. 4:3 ratio has a neither-here-nor-there look for fish/semi-fisheye images to me, like it's not rectangular enough to keep the distortion mostly on the left and right sides, but not square enough to be symmetrical distortion all the way around the image. If that makes sense.


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Printer paper? If so, jolly good job!
Thanks. I am always on the hunt. It seems that with many businesses being affected by the pandemic, surpluses like this are becoming more abundant. I also noticed that stores here halved their photo paper prices after COVID.

The GAS part is the itch to get the Ilford Cotton Rag A4 which halved its price after COVID. My printing is up to A4 only as it's an HP business printer but with different profiles for photo. The Ilford is tempting but the HP Advanced A4 will do for now as long as I use the wide gamut option all the time.
Splendid work, @Iron , I havent printed anything in more than a decade, possibly about 15-16 years, but am somewhat in the starting blocks for that. I scrounged some funds over christmas and my birthday, and "invested" in a Canon Pro200, which I havent even unboxed yet, due to a slow renovation of the workshop/cleaning/stuffing room into a combined study/lightroom sort of room.
A warning or the Zero sum game, If you sell of some bicycle parts, consisting mostly of a NOS titaninum bottle cage that a fellow dearly wants for a high-end retro MTB build, dont go onto the local classified and find a GM1 bought new in 2019 a 20 minutes drive away, for about the same sum as the bike parts brought, then this happens:

The GX880 is rather chunky beside it.

1639 shutter actuations, flash fired 14 times, and it came with a OEM handgrip in black, all for the princely sum of approximately 150 bucks.

Would have preferred a black one, but for that price, I live well with the silver. Mostly facinated by the size of it, it is proper tiny, the only thing left now, is a GM5 if I manage to get hold of one. Other than that, I am content, and will do a bit of further spring cleaning of gear as well.

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