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GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

Jock Elliott

Hall of Famer
Jan 3, 2012
Troy, NY
Jock, congrats on the Mk IV - I love my III. I see, like me, almost as much fun can be had accessorizing. :drinks:
That was actually a package deal . . . all that stuff for $100 less than the usual price of the RX10 IV. Since a memory card, external charger, extra battery, protective filter, and rear screen protector were all part of the deal (and those were things I would need anyway), it seemed like the way to go. The tripod isn't bad and has a quick release plate. I don't know if I will ever use the flash/video light unit or the memory card wallet or image recovery software. The small camera backpack is really kind of weird, and I haven't taken the time to figure it out since I have a shoulder bag that I prefer.

Cheers, Jock
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Jonathan F/2

Aug 21, 2011
Los Angeles, USA
I picked up a minty used copy of the Nikon 105mm 1.4 E lens for a really good price . So far focus seems spot-on using both my Nikon D750 and Sony A7 III + Commlite ENF-E1 adapter. Lens is sharp wide open, but with crazy/smooth OOF rendering. I'm split right now 50/50 if I should keep it or sell the lens, since I'd have to sell some stuff to make room. It's a bit slow to focus, kind of heavy, but it renders like no other lens on the market!

Size-wise it's a tad smaller than the Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art, but doesn't focus as fast. It also works fine on my Sony A7 III, which I find funny because some of the best lenses you can use on a Sony body is Nikon glass! :D

A couple shots of the 105mm 1.4 E mounted on the Sony A7 III + Commlite ENF-E1 Pro adapter:

by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr

by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr

The Grandpa Nikon 105mm 2.5 AI-S next to the Grandson 105mm 1.4 E:

by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr


Jul 6, 2017
So, a thing happened yesterday... :coffee-79:

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Z6 bundle with FTZ, XQD card, camera bag. Also picked up the RRS base plate, spare battery, card reader, and LM-NZ adapter. Will use the Z with these lenses for a while and see how I get along with the ergos and performance. If it looks like a good match for me, I'll add a Z lens or two after making a decision on what other gear goes on the chopping block.

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