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I've been wanting one of these for a while. So I finally pulled the trigger. While overpriced for what it is. They are well built and so versatile people, including me, pay the price.

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I'm always happy to spend too much money on overpriced stuff; watch this space for an example soon to be made public. But I'm still a little bit hesitant here, mainly because I can't for the life of me determine what this thing is. :confused-95: :biggrin:
Dec 31, 2013
Louisville, Ky
@addieleman That is a V Flat. It is free standing, can be used as a white or black backdrop. Also, it can be used as a large reflector, or large negative fill reflector using the black side. And the full white side can used as a giant light modifier which gives the look of huge window light. This V flat folds down to one of the squares for easy portability.
Sigh ........ even though I really dislike the PZ feature, I bought another XC 15-45 (brand new for $165 shipped). This diminutive, lightweight wonder has nearly identical FOV as my XF 14 f2.8 and barely discernible difference in IQ. How does Fuji do that?
Anyhoo, it doesn't play well on either my X-M1 or X-T3, but will serve as a "just in case" backup.
After having put up with various neckstraps I decided I wanted something comfortable and inconspicuous. I researched every neck strap available in two large camera stores and finally found something I like, only available directly from the manufacturer in Germany. No big blazing product names, made of supple leather and adjustable to the lengths I want. Did I mention I like overpriced stuff? Maybe this falls into this category. Field test this afternoon.

149,00 € ? Yikes!
I know. It appeared amazingly difficult to find a wide, comfortable neck strap without screaming brand names. Comfortable for me means leather or cotton around my neck. Only other thing I found was a cotton neck strap, unfortunately in the colours of the Dutch flag, which would draw way too much attention. I ultimately decided to splurge bigtime because I carry the camera around my neck almost every day for 2 hours or more, so it's worth it for me. Went out with it this afternoon and it seems alright; I'll have to wait and see how it goes when it gets warm, that's when neck straps can really become annoying.


Sep 21, 2013
Just picked up a few lenses at a great price. Collapsible INDUSTAR 22 3.5/50 50mm Red P , MMZ HELIOS-44-2 (zebra) 58 mm and a Pentacon 30mm f3.5


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Jan 7, 2013
Cheshire, England
Martin Connolly
I get sooooo jealous when I see how you guys can trade this that and the other. Here in my city, there are absolutely no options to do that and its a real PITA.
Same in the UK. If you try to do a part-ex with a dealer, the prices offered are usually risible. The only time I ever got a good price was from CameraJungle online, but they seem to be offering less these days.

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