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As the thread title says: "Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small".

The small one:

and the big one:

What? Two 40mm lenses? Yep, and bought on the same day. If that doesn't qualify me as a lens maniac, I don't know what will...

Thing is, soon enough after acquiring the Sony A7R4 I discovered that its autofocus is no slouch. And my Voigtländer FE Nokton 1.2/40 was manual focus and couldn't focus very close. Given that 40mm is my favorite focal length, I decided to put the Voigtländer 40 up for sale, fully expecting it to take months to sell. But lo and behold, a good bid came in the same night and the deal was closed the morning after. Funny, the buyer didn't blink an eye when I asked him to pay up-front by bank and have it shipped. Off it went and there I was, suddenly without a 40mm lens anywhere in my bags! :eek:

By sheer coincidence someone in my home town offered a Pentax 2.8/40 for little money and today the deal was struck, figuring I'd have at least something to hold me over until I'd get the Batis 40 as planned. I had asked the local photo store to have a Batis 40 there to try it out. And also today it came in and while I was planning to evaluate the test pictures at home, I already saw in the store that the lens is OK so I bought it on the spot.

On the way home I parked my bike in the city center, planning to have a photo walk. But 2 m further I saw a complete wreck of a bike standing/lying there, offering a great photo opportunity, so I spent the next half hour there, exercising the Batis' close-focus capability to the full. One of the photos will surely make it to the Daily May 12 thread.

Whew, that was a veritable 40mm whirlwind!
My favorite couple for casual photography is the GX9 and the 20 1.7. Wouldn’t mind a couple more 40mm myself, what a nice focal length is that!
Same here. A long time ago I considered buying an Olympus OM camera when I saw a used OM 2/40 on sale, just to have 40mm in my arsenal; Nikon didn't offer it for my F3 and I had an Olympus 35SP with a 42mm lens on it. And yes, I bought the 1.7/20 for my Panasonic G1 the day it appeared in the store, used 28mm on the Sony NEX-6 to end up trying and using a slew of 40mm lenses on the Sony A7 and A7R2. At one point in time I bought an Olympus OM 2/40 which I used for some years before the native E-mount options became available.

When I use my FE 4/24-70 I often appear to have zoomed around 40mm, I also put a small marker on it for that focal length to use it as the default setting.


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Dec 29, 2013
Interesting observations ... I also like the 20mm f/1.7, and I do like shooting it on the GF1; on the GX9, the 15mm f/1.7 gives me more satisfaction and even better results, but given the difference in price, this shouldn't really come as a surprise. However, there's a measure for my appreciation of the lens: Sometimes, I'm tempted to also get the 20mm f/1.7 II just to try it on the GX9 ... (I know it's not really a different lens, but still ...).

I also really like the results from the Fuji 27mm f/2.8 - it's another strong performing 40mm-e pancake.

That said, I also like 45mm lenses - my current personal favourite AF lens is the Sigma 45mm f/2.8 C that I currently have to shoot on the Sony A7 II, a camera that's decidedly past it's sell-by date - I really hope Sigma will be able (as well as willing) to crack Nikon's Z mount protocol and give us this lens in that mount. I'll get that lens as soon as it becomes available ...

Oh, and the actual reason why I'm posting in this thread: I got another Contax Carl Zeiss 45mm f/2.8 Tessar to replace the one I busted ...

It's in a bit worse nick than mine was before the tumble, but the cosmetic problems are minor, and I got it for comparatively little money.



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Dec 25, 2010
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Strange thing: I bought the GX9 as a camera to use the 20 on. That lens has decent behavior on Panasonic cameras but is too sluggish to my taste on Olympus cameras. Next I bought the PL15 to use on the GX9 (in a multi lens setup with the PL25 I have had since ages and a P42.5 I wanted to try even when I had the O45) because of all the great results I saw, but I just never warmed up to the PL15. It gives beautiful results but the focal length doesn’t get along with me. It’s too wide to pass as a normal, but not wide enough to act as my wide lens. So for a multi prime setup I use the Pen-F with the O12/O17/O45/O75 series, but on the GX9 the 20 (Mark II, since I gave my Mark I to my niece) makes it almost a fixed lens camera, with the 42.5 as an occasional portrait lens. Still, I do love some images taken with the PL15, so I just can’t seem to pass it along.


Feb 6, 2015
Central Ohio, USA
MPB had a "too good for me to pass up" price on the Sigma 19/30/60 f/2.8 Art lenses for m43. Basically got all three for less than the price of the Sigma 30/1.4 used!!

I had the 60mm f/2.8 in the past and loved the IQ on it. I vowed that if I got back into m43, that I would get this lens again. I love the money savings over the Oly 75mm f/1.8.

They are on the "slow boat" so should have them sometime early next week. Can't wait to see how they do on the EP5.


Jul 7, 2010


Set complete. This little Leica Mount Minolta Chiyoko 3.5cm F3.5 features "Achromatic Coating", double-coated surfaces. It came out in 1956.
It did not sell well, was a slow lens and Minolta was pushing there own "Super-A" lens mount. On Ebay, about 1 in 10 of these lenses are in Leica mount- so maybe a few hundred produced.

I also picked up an AF-D Nikkor 28~105, cheap. Realized last Summer vacation that I missed by 28~85 AF-Nikkor, and just did not like the size of the newer AF-S style zoom. The AF-S 24~85 ED VR SIC M-O-U-S-E... that I bought broken for $25, fixed, and gave away to a friend at work starting a side business in photography.
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Jul 7, 2010
I'm reading the last many pages of this thread: all I can say is, the members of this forum are doing their part to keep the economy afloat.

In our house: there will be no complaints on anything I buy this month. I just saw my wife's credit card bill. There are two jewelers that normally do the Sugarloaf craft shows that can pay their bills for the month.
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Jan 27, 2012
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My extended rental contract with Sony was up for renewal but I decided to terminate early and go back to my mirrorless roots. I did think about Fuji - for about $$ seconds.

A whole treasure chest of goodies.
EM1mkii, GX85, 12-40, 15, and 30 1.4.

And a Sigma 60mm. @gryphon1911
I couldn't find one, saw your post and on the way from MPB. I too am very happy for a tele that doesn't cost the O75 or Sigma56. Thanks for the tip!
Oct 19, 2016
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Greg Leong
My 45-150 arrived today. It's rainy and gloomy today, but projected to drop below 30F tonight, and sunny and cold tomorrow. Should be a good morning for a bike ride with the new lens.

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Great lens. I just picked a Lumix 45-175 PZ. I'll take it out today and give it a go. At the price I paid I just had to get it.


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A Kiev 4 AM with Helios-103 53mm f/1.8 lens in very good working condition (minus the self timer, but I'm okay with that - it's also the only part of the camera missing more than a few flakes of paint).

Very cool! I mulled over a few Russian rangefinders awhile back, along with Canons, before settling in my Bessa T.

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