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Enjoy the lens! I took mine out again today, more than one and a half hours (very swift) walking with camera in hand, no real issues with bulk and weight - better than I dared hope. And I'm very satisfied with the images again. This is one heck of an achievement for Nikon :2thumbs:


I was able to get out today and dodge the rain. I'm currently importing 45 images I took, so we shall see if it holds up to my scrutiny! LOL


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I don't know why I do this to myself... picked up a lovely Pentax K-01... I'm mystified as to how the form-factor passed any kind of consumer sanity-check prior to production but I've always envied the quirkiness. Now I'll need to keep an eye out for the AF version of the 40mm to pair it with.

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They are great cameras, Walter -- congrats! You will enjoy it.
And the tiny pancake DA 40mm lens is marvelously good, and worth picking up if you can snag a copy.
Having tested a bunch of lighting modifiers and figuring out what I like most. I’ve sold off most of what I was using. And ordered two more Glow collapsible beauty dishes with silver liners in 25” and 43”. I have one in 34” already.



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I've been looking for this Nikon lens hood forever! It's the all-metal Nikon HK-6 screw clamp hood specifically for the Nikon 20mm f/3.5 AI-S wide angle lens. Due to the design of this particular 20mm, filter screw-in hoods cause vignetting, so it can only accept this particular clamp hood. Unfortunately the hood is no longer manufactured and it's incredibly rare to find one. The ones that go for sale are either priced extremely high or come packaged with other 20mm f/3.5 lenses. Luckily I was able to find this hood in decent condition for a good price, plus I was able to use accumulated points I had from the vendor. In total with free shipping it came out to $5 USD! Though I have to use a 77mm lens cap now! :D


by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr


by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr


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A random eBay purchase - got annoyed reaching round the back to the SD card slot on my Mac Mini. Mac didn't pick it up immediately, but did seem to spark into life when I tried a few other slots/sockets. Will see how it goes over the next few weeks - if you're a multi-camera shooter it can be useful to load them up in parallel rather than swapping them one at a time (I picked up a usb reader too so I can now have 2 cards on the go at once). Also picked up another one of these to use with a Raspberry Pi - having the SD card much more accessible is pretty useful.

by Walter Kernow, on Flickr

Update - OK, I don't know if this is just a computer thing to do with the handling of the SD card socket but I observered the behaviour on my Mac Mini & HP Elitebook - if you plug the extension card into the socket, it will read the card, however you can't hot-plug the card you want to read. So its fine for persistent storage (tbf I haven't tried this between reboots because who reboots if it can be avoided) but not something you want to swap in/out regularly like a card-reader. I almost wonder if there is something in the SD card socket-spec to do with detecting the card that doesn't get reset if your device can tell it hasn't been physically removed (eg the extension end is still in the reader even if you've removed the card from the other end). Ah well, it did seem to good to be true - probably fine for my Raspberry Pi but not so good for swapping out multiple SD cards. Will have to see about finding a good USB SD card reader which handles multiple cards.
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Flea market 'rescue'. Not cheap, but I couldn't resist getting it.
Travel Camera by "H.Martin - Paris", It was a construction company of many types of cameras. Might be that it was built by another subcontractor, but I've not found another one similar to it yet.
Lens is a "Rapid Angulair - London", probably 150mm with 4 stops. Looks like 2 elements in 2 groups. Might be 3 elements in two groups.

Shutter is a Thornton-Pickard Roller blind type (or a direct copy). Curtain was half gone. Already under repair on the workbench.

Added a Wollensak 6" f/4.5 in Eyemo mount to the collection as well. It's got a US Army Signal Corps acceptance stamp on it


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