GAS GAS: Please Share your Latest Desires Big and Small

I’m with you on the X100VI, Matt. I’ve owned each of the X100 series, though I - either sadly or humorously - only had the X100V for a short time.

Short story long, I had bought a mint pre-owned X100V in 2022 while just beginning some major medical stuff, but then decided that was a stupid time to be buying more cameras…so I quickly re-sold it thinking I’d just snap another one up a few months later when I could actually use it. Well that purchase never happened - I couldn’t find a new one anywhere, and I refused to pay above retail for a used one. I even special-ordered at an online retailer, but that was canceled by the retailer due to endless lack of supply. So, while I technically owned an X100V, I barely even used it - but really liked it. Eventually I gave up on actually getting another.

I’m impressed by the various updates Fuji has now added to the 6th model, so I’ve decided to pre-order. However, the various online chatter it now sounds like we may already be in a long-wait situation due to a massive volume of pre-orders. I didn’t get my order in on the first day, but it’d be awesome if it shows up before some extended travel starting in mid-May. We’ll see.
I hope you get lucky. The problems I see is that most of the new features and improvements, apart from I.B.I.S., really don't matter that much to me. Especially not the 40MP resolution (see below).

In fact, after looking into everything again, I'd rather add a A6700 (I still own three E mount lenses that I'm currently adapting to Nikon Z via the Megadap ETZ21): exchangeable lenses, trusted 26MP sensor with superior I.B.I.S., much better battery life, better AF ...

But ...

I simply love the whole concept of the X100 line, and for me, except for its lack of I.B.I.S., the X100V seems the best bet because I increasingly think that 40MP is overkill for APS-C, at least in a small, light body; in fact, my suspicions are borne out by comparisons between the 26MP and 40MP Fujifilm sensors that show that in many situations, the 26MP sensor offers as much or more DR than the 40MP one - and that the gains in resolution are often much less than the 40% increase in pixels.

So, if Fujifilm had used the 26MP sensor from the X-H2S, I'd be all over the camera (that'd be wild!). As it is, I feel I'm probably better served by the 26MP unit of the X100V, which in the last couple of days I have used handheld down to 1/6s - better than some experienced reviewers have managed with the X100VI. I'm beginning to feel certain that I'm actually good as-is.

And just to round off things, the acquisition of the A6700 won't happen either - there's not enough to be gained, and adding another system has never brought the benefits I hoped for. In fact, going back to using some of my current cameras more often might benefit me a lot more: My current smallest platform for small, fast zooms is the Olympus E-M5 III - and the more I use that camera, the more I find it punches way above its weight and sensor class in terms of results; in many cases, it's not noticeably inferior to either the Nikon Z DX (APS-C) bodies or the X100V. Yes, the Fujifilm is the best performer in absolute terms - but neither it nor the Nikon Z 50, combined with the really pleasing Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 C adapted to it, can really manage what I can get from the seemingly more pedestrian Olympus 12-45mm f/4 PRO. As good as the Sigma is, the Olympus is visibly better. And if I need more light, I still keep the 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO around for events - that's a great lens, too, and would, to this day, be my first choice if its smaller sibling wasn't so amazing, much smaller and 40% lighter. And if I want to go prime, the Panasonic 15mm f/1.7 is a great alternative (and the I.B.I.S. of the Panasonic GX9 I usually use it with is - in the real world - not a lot worse than the X100VI's). I think the only real asset would be the OM System 20mm f/1.4 PRO ... Now there's a thought ...

All that said, I know that the lure and the merits of the X100V and X100VI are both real as well as justified. If I didn't own the X100V, the X100VI would most probably be a no-brainer, and I'd probably placed a pre-order like a shot last week. It pays to remember though that it's not a particularily versatile camera, I.B.I.S. or 40MP resolution notwithstanding. It's pleasing, compact and produces great results - in situations is suitable for. I have traveled with it as my only camera - but happily, only to places I had been before, so I could just seize opportunities without fear of not being able to catch the most rememberable sights.

I got an itch and preordered a X100 6. After finding out the supply numbers of the first order (BH, Adorama and local online) and contemplating the improvements vs. the shuffle of 5s going on right now I cancelled it and found a nicely priced black 5. I had one early on but sold it, and regretted. Looking forward to this one.
The X100VI seems cool and all, but I am just not sold on the IBIS. Thanks to the lightweight leaf shutter, it's always been a camera (series) that can shoot a steady 1/8 sec shot. True, with IBIS one can only improve upon this. But how much one can realistically expect? Will its stabilization match that of Olympus (1 sec exposures against head; 1/4sec shots with an extended hand), I always find it hard to imagine of any brand.

Would be great if Fuji could answer to the huge demand by supplying. This would (in my hopes) mean a crash of the used X100 prices. Maybe I'd upgrade my X100 into an X100F some point.
I've been looking for this book for some time and one's come up on my favourite Oxfam bookshop website.

Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 14.22.14.png

Trouble is, it's £100. :(
I've seen a couple at around £60 mark but they appear in very poor condition.

Oh well, the search goes on.
I got an itch and preordered a X100 6. After finding out the supply numbers of the first order (BH, Adorama and local online) and contemplating the improvements vs. the shuffle of 5s going on right now I cancelled it and found a nicely priced black 5. I had one early on but sold it, and regretted. Looking forward to this one.
My V arrived with an intermittent "stick" in the shutter. It's on its way back to the seller. Unfortunate but possibly beneficial for me. In the brief time that I had it, I realized that I don't really have a use case for it. It's pretty and makes great images but I think a small-ish ILC could handle that duty and a lot more.
My X100V experience has led me to a Z fc. It's not as refined in the tasks that really suit the Fuji but succeeds at least partially in that regard and adds quite a bit of versatility. I added the 12-28 and 24 1.7 which I like. There's also a synergy with my FX-Z lenses.
An unexpected positive outcome.

Back to desires. Maybe a new DX-Z body?
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I MIGHT upgrade my EM5 mark II to one of the 20mp bodies, and it is the metal body which makes me pause. I do love the feel.
I sold my EM5 MKii before I received my MKiii, I have regretted it ever since. The look and feel is that of a premium camera IMHO, very similar in fact to the build of the Pen-F. It is a shame Olympus stepped away from that type of build quality. Yes, plastic is lighter and cheaper to manufacture but not always as desirable. I don't mind heavier for such a camera. Pick up a Leica some time.
OM systems is doing a wow and try event (or something to that extent), so I have a free 4-day rental lined up on an OM-1 mkii and the 150-600 for early April. I don’t honestly believe I’d switch my flagship kit back to Olympus, but I’m curious to see how good they’ve come along since my days of E-M1x ownership. What the hell. It’s free after all. Part of me wants to add the 90mm macro to the rental, as that I could see getting for my OM5.
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I might get OM System 20mm f/1.4 this year or next year, small for walkaround/street/family gatherings, that sort of thing.

Then possibly OM-1 II in 3-4 years, if I decide to upgrade Capture One for compatibility with 8-25mm f/4 and 20mm f/1.4. The E-M1 II shutter count is only 24k, but battery might be discontinued eventually.
I'm thinking about buying an end-game lens, the Fuji XF 23 f/1.4 R LM WR, to replace my Fuji XF 23mm f/1.4 R. For the slightly smoother bokeh and WR. But mostly for being the highest end Fuji lens available for my desired focal length, and therefore the end of GAS in this regard.

Then again, the lens competes with a new amplifier (because the old one started failing), solar panels, a new laptop, a nice summer vacation... Realistically, it's pretty far down that list, actually.
Rumor time... I saw an article purporting to be from an "anonymous source" saying that Leica is going to release a follow-up to the D-LUX 7, with a zoom lens and an APS-C sensor. Take with many grains of salt. The former Leica models in this series are basically Panasonics with some extra programming, and Panasonic doesn't do anything with APS-C sensors. But, on the other hand, Leica does historically use APS-C sensors, and they haven't released one of those (T or CL models) in a long time. So, maybe? If it was in-house Leica developed/produced then it would probably cost a considerable premium over the Leica-branded LX100 cameras.
That's actually how it works for me. Why, I can't tell you. But it's true.

If I buy something mediocre, I can't stop myself from playing the what-if game of a better alternative. But once I reach a satisfactory level, I stop looking. That, above all else, is what drives my GAS these days. Peace of mind.

...which is, incidentally, why selecting an amplifier is terribly vexing. There is no way a top-quality amplifier makes any sense to me whatsoever. But I need to buy something good enough to quiet my brain. The last one lasted me ten years, so a good chunk of money is warranted.
Camera gear and electronics is always diminishing returns. Two times more expensive lens won't give me two times better photos. Two times more expensive speakers won't give me two times better sound. There can be also downsides to more expensive gear (e.g. size, weight). And with multiple lenses, there is also redundancy.

I like seeing how much more I can get out of a camera, force me to be creative, so a new body or new lens can get in the way of that. I think about new gear, then I am not thinking about how to use my old gear.
Oh, I can very much relate to that. It took me quite some time to settle on for example my own amplifier. But my chosen one has left me with no desire for a new one for many years, even when many cool new amps were released.
My Pioneer SA1000 amplifier has just turned 50 y.o.
So have my Tannoy 15" Monitor Gold speakers.
Both still perform beautifully, better than my ears do (hearing aids).

My E-M1 MkII still takes beautiful photos, nearly 8 years on, as do my collection of lenses for it and my E-M1 MkI and E-PM2. While I did buy an 8-25 Pro a couple of years ago, I don't really lust after anything else. I'm not steady enough now to hold a 100-400.

AND my car still functions perfectly, at nearly 17 y.o. ...
Shame that the same cannot be said for two of the old, main airconditioners in the house, both now ~27 y.o.

I am a great believer in buying well, and keeping until no longer functional. Neither of us are into anything resembling conspicuous consumption ... Perhaps that's one reason why we want for nothing?
Sometimes I wish I had just stayed with my stereo set. But two decades ago, I bought a nice surround speaker set, and indeed a nice surround amplifier/receiver.

Alas, the world has moved on from five-channel RCA connectors, and on to HDMI. Most of my current media players (Playstation, MacBook) play audio over HDMI, which my aging Arcam amplifier is not equipped to handle. (I have tried HDMI audio extractor, but they don't play well with HDCP content, and aren't entirely compatible with the Arcam even where they work.)

So it's time for a new amplifier. If I payed myself for the time I spent researching this, I could have financed half of it already. I hate it. Hopefully the new one will last me another decade or two.