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^ I'll watch the video later but I believe the main problem with 24-200z is that one has to use a Z camera with it. Nothing wrong with the cameras but you know my particular conflict about mirrorless cameras. :D I want to stick with Panasonic M4/3 for the time being.

Speaking of M4/3...

I wandered off for a minute to browse FS ads and right away found myself trouble; new internal conflicts to battle.

One is selling three attractive M43 lenses, all I could use in my roster. As a package deal, the price is right. But they're all primes and that's not necessarily what I am after.

Primes I have plenty of, for Leica M, for Nikon. Only very recently did I buy my first prime for M4/3 system for night time shooting. I am not at all sure I should be expanding my M4/3 setup with primes because the catalogue of great lightweight zooms is the one exotic thing that separates M4/3 from Leica M, or from FF overall.

  • PL 15 f/1.7
  • P 25 f/1.7
  • P 42.5 f/1.7


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I had to go back right to the beginning of this thread to see what kicked it off and was surprised to see the item there, Fujinon 16mm f1.4 lens was also my most wanted item - still! I probably will get one from the Fuji Shop in the UK at some point. They sell refurbished lenses on there at a really decent price and their quality is usually "can't tell it from a new one" standard.
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:( If true, my favourite way of moving forward (i.e. reducing my kit while enhancing my gear capabilities) is no more.

Not too big a deal, just a pity. But together with the reported delays for Nikon due to the lockdown in Japan, I'll have to wait longer than expected.

Now, where's that Leica CL2 with I.B.I.S.? (Nowhere, most probably, judging from my usual luck ... *grumble*)

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