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A quick Sunday browsing of the F/S posts revealed quite interesting selections of full frame gear for peanuts...

First a Sony A99 for 400 €,
then another is selling A mount lenses like Tamron 90/2.8 macro and Sigma 70-200/2.8 APO for 290 €.

Those who can live with a second-hand Sony can be grabbing killer deals now that the A mount has been reported dead.


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I realize that this GAS desire of mine is unlikely to come to fruition in the near future, but there are really only two cameras whose alluring siren song resonates in the nether part of what's left of my mind. One is the new Pentax K-3 MkIII which, from all accounts, sounds like the ultimate modern Pentax ever. And having been irrationally fond of Pentaxes - and enjoyed shooting with them - over several decades, I keep thinking I will need to get one some day. Plus, Pentax makes all those remarkable, and stupidly affordable, Limited and DA prime lenses. I know I don't need one - I am truly enjoying my current quiver - but I can't help thinking one would be truly nice.

The other camera on my ultra-short GAS list is the Fujifilm X-Pro3. Part of the blame for this goes to Bill Palmer's (aka Lightmancer here on Cameraderie) thoughtful series of posts about the camera when he was one of its earliest adopters. Part goes to my having played around some years ago with a friends X-Pro2 and being far more impressed than I ever was willing to seriously (publically) admit. It just felt really solid and nice 'in hand'. And a whole host of smart photographers, including TOP's Mike Johnston, have raved about various cool Fuji primes for what seems like decades.

A more rational approach might be to rent one or both of the cameras, for a week here or there, just to see. But I'm afraid if I ever did that, it would be the equivalent of crossing a metaphorical Rubicon.

But...maybe... some day.


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I handled a like-new E-M1 mkII today in a shop (Glazier's in Seattle) and it's giving me a minor crisis. That is a seriously nice system camera, and it's making me miss the micro four thirds ecosystem a LOT. They also had an original E-M1 and E-M5. That might be a cheap way to ease back into the system. I just know if I got the E-M1 ii and a couple of the lenses I miss having, the poor KP is not going to get much use and probably would have to go to justify it. And I don't wanna part with it that much.


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Just bought a first version Fuji X100. Was very cheap. Don’t even need it, but even if I don’t use it, it’ll serve a purpose just sitting on a mantelpiece, the thing looks magnificent. As someone who gets terrified of rendering something looking like it’s been made from a computer (I’m the guy who thinks an M10 is clinical😂), this fits the bill.

On the lookout for a locally available GRII as well....
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