GAS GAS: Please share your latest near acquisitions - a.k.a. "what did you ALMOST buy"

Local camera store had a Minolta “alpha sweet” on the shelf. Not sure what that was, research found that it is the Japanese version of the Maxxum 5D.

Thought about it, but decided not to get it. Came with a 35-70?? lens I think, but wasn’t an impulse buy for me at $100 asking price. It looked well used too and I just wasn’t in the mood to go through a cleanup process.

They did have some other Pentax cameras though, and thought about the K-50 they had, dir then thought that there wasn’t enough there to have that be better than the K-3 and K-5 I already have.

I figure the Z40/2 SE coming will be enough for now.
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It appealed but I’ve no idea why.
One month ago I made a bid on a Voigtländer FE 1.4/35 because I wanted to experience the character of the lens. The seller didn't pay attention to my message until now. I told him that other purchases depleted my budget for now. In reality I don't know that I really want it besides my Zeiss Loxia 2/35 and my shooting habits are changing now that I have the Leica Q3. And my photography budget surely did take a hit.