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Here's an idea for an entrepreneurial spirit.

You set up shop with zoom/skype calls, charge by the hour. Weekly appointments -- emergency rates apply.

Your patients -- photographers who suffer from GAS. You listen to their worries, desires, wishlists and try to talk them out of a new purchase, by means of introspection.

It works because most people have made really complicated reasons about a purchase; likewise their reasons to hesitate to act on it are equally complex. It'd take hours upon hours to unravel the things I, as an example, have to say about the Panasonic G9. Great for business.

Patient: this new Olympus I'm looking at has an extra 1,5 stops of image stabilization.
Therapist: how many stops does your current camera stabilize? Have you frequently encountered the limits of the IBIS of your current camera?
Patient: well... no.


Patient: this new Canon would be so great for the Olympics!
Therapist: are you going?


Patient: the 60 megapixels on my Sony is great but I definitely would benefit from 100 megapixels in my instagram posts.

If someone implements this idea I don't need credit or a cut. I could use free sessions though.


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try to talk them out of a new purchase
I have already one of those, but instead of a "therapist" I call mine "wife". :D



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I found a therapist:)

Ted Forbes: What is really important?

A creative vision in photography is a never-ending process. In the current day we live in its become even more complex. What is more important? 100 Megapixels, 8k video or the ability to express something visually that's never been done?


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