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5/12/11 Update: I've got all the reviewers I can use right now. If you email me with the requested info, I will definitely keep you in mind. Please keep in mind that I'm most likely to contact you if you can show me an example of an actual camera or lens review which you have written. With a single exception, everyone I've asked to do a review so far has provided such a review. -Amin
------------- is looking for gear reviewers.

Why write reviews for Serious Compacts?
  • You love trying out new gear and sharing your opinions
  • We will provide you with continual access to the latest cameras, lenses, and accessories and cover all round-trip shipping costs
  • Your reviews will get lots of exposure
  • There is a possibility of revenue share or direct pay depending on the specific arrangement, but there is very little money available, so this should not be the primary motivation for becoming a reviewer for the site.

Who are we looking for? Someone who:
  • Loves photography
  • Loves small cameras (including the latest compact system cameras)
  • Can write about various brands of gear without brand bias
  • Writes well and in a fun, readable style
  • Writes quickly and anticipates being able to write reviews in a timely fashion on a regular basis. As a general guideline, you will have one month or less with any given piece of equipment, and an ideal candidate will be able to commit to writing a minimum of one review per month.
  • Has enough spare time to spend a lot of time out using new gear. Each review should be based on a significant amount of time spent using the equipment for real photography (not studio tests).
  • Is responsible (will take very good care of loaned gear and return it within the allotted time)
  • Lives in the continental United States (Sorry, but this is an absolute requirement due to shipping/customs issues)

We are not looking for exhaustive technical reviews. Some technical information is expected, and the reviewer should be able to provide good photos of the gear, but we do not need photos of all the LCD menus etc. Primarily we want hands-on user reviews with lots of sample photos that give our readers the real-world perspective of what's it's like to use the gear. Here are some examples of such reviews from other sites:

Site reviews will follow a common structure, which we are still working out, but will be along the lines of the following:

[CAMERA] Review: A Field Report (e.g. Leica X2 Review: A Field Report)

- Introduction (General Description, Major Specs, Features)

- Controls and Settings (Picture-Taking Screens/Menus, Playback Screens/Menus, Custom Settings)

- In the Field (Operation, Performance, Handling)

- Results (Photo Quality . . . noise, dynamic range, RAW quality, lens performance and character, etc.)

- Conclusion (Summary, Impressions, Pros, Cons)

- Comparisons (Similar Cameras)
Interested? Send the following to amin [at] seriouscompacts [dot] com:
  • Your real name (first and last) and age
  • Your address (city, state, country)
  • What gear you currently use
  • A sample review
  • Links to any writing samples
  • Your sense of whether you anticipate being able to consistently spend the time out using new equipment and generate at least one detailed review per month.
  • Any other relevant information you want to share
Thanks for your interest!
I was going to reply to your request...but then I saw you required being responsible. Damn it! I was so close! :mad:

I could make an exception and be responsible if you promised me I'd be reviewing the, ahem, Fuji X100... :blush: