Fuji Gear service, issues and resolutions.


I've had the xpro1 for just a couple of weeks and have very little use with it(too much work)! I like to use custom settings as a quick way to change settings for different shooting situations and I was glad to see that Fuji included 7 custom settings as well as the "basic" setting menu. I'll never use all of them but I'd like to be able to use three or four of them.
I'll explain this as clear as I can.
I set up a custom setting, say I set ISO to 800, shadow detail to +2, highlight detail to -1(just examples). I can then save these settings and access them from the "Q" menu and easily go to any custom setting I choose. Here's the problem. I take one picture with the custom setting and the camera then goes back to "basic" on it's own. But wait, there's more! While it reads that it's on "basic" the custom settings remain(ISO 800, shadow detail +2, highlight detail -1). I then have to reset all the "basic" settings back to 0. If someone with one of these cameras could try a custom setting and see if they experience the same problem, at least I would know it's not just a faulty camera and probably a firmware fix. I called Fuji about this last week and they "promised" to get back to me. So far, I haven't heard a word.
Any help, thanks, Kris


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Kris, that appears to be the way my camera behaves as well. It says "BASIC" but it is really on one of the custom settings. What I did was make C1 the basic setting so I could always get back to it. Hope that helps.


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I think the X10 needs to be in the Fixed Lens Small Sensor forum, as opposed to this one. However, it is kind of helpful no matter what the problem is if it's a biggie that it has its own thread in whatever forum it belongs in don't you think? It makes it a lot easier for people to find that way - comic book or War and Peace.:D


My X100 slider in the viewfinder when switching to the EVF wont come up. its making a clicking noise and nothing happens. Everything else is fine but i am quite worried. Its my little baby and I would *hit my pants if anything happens to it. I emailed fuji and luckily I still have 1 month of warranty left. I will see what happens but has this happened to anyone else out there?