Feedback Gear Talk: Phone Cameras??

Bruce McL

Dec 18, 2016
I wonder if adding a "Phone Cameras" category to the Gear Talk section would be a good idea?

Currently there is a thread in Herman's Genres on cell phone photos, and several posts in Other Brands. If there was a "Phone Cameras" category, I think I'd be more likely to post a few photos at a time with the same subject or from the same outing there. Right now I'm a bit hesitant to post my phone photos in the various "Images" categories.


Super Moderator
Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
Seems like "Other Brands" is where all of the cel phone camera threads are. I'd love to see some of your phone camera images, Bruce. Feel free to post them anywhere. With how far phone cameras have come, you really be hesitant to post them anywhere. They really embody the whole concept that started this place all those years ago.....serious and compact.

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