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Unless you need the larger apertures of the primes, you may wind up selling them after getting the 16-55. I've been deciding back and forth over getting a 50-140 or a 90.
This is my conundrum. I love primes but my Nikon 80-200 was my go to lens for years and it never let me down. I'm thinking 16-55, 50-140 , sell my 16 (dammit) 18-55, 35 and 90 and keep my 23 . I just like that lens. It will simplify my kit and I have shot zooms before. Plus that leaves me the 12 Roki. I think that's the plan.
The 16-55 and 50-140 are as sharp as primes. They are two of only three red badge Fuji lenses. They deliver on image quality and performance.

I prefer the images from the 50-140 over those from the 90mm. That is not to say that the images from the 90mm are not stellar. Also, the 50-140 wins on versatility. But, the 50-140 is really big/heavy for a mirrorless lens. And comes at a much higher price. I don't currently yet have a need for either. So I have time to think it through.
Yeah, I have to really do some soul searching before I pull this trigger, but that has been the plan all along. At this stage of my life I think I'll be ok with it.I now have the camera that I wanted in the XT3 but some of my favorite lens will have to go. That's the hard part.


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Feb 3, 2012
No regrets on the 50-140. After many side trips using other lenses, my go-to combination when I was on Nikon was the 17-55 and the 80-200 AF-S. Sharp, contrasty, colorful. The 50-140 delivered this past summer at NJF, I have absolutely no concerns about it. The 16-55 is a brick, but like the 17-55 DX, your handling must be on point - and it will bring gorgeous images.

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