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I've seen this idea used before with a bit of looped string and a 1/4" thread adapter.... don't think I'll be rushing out to include one for my kit though..... :frown:


I have been using a string pod for years and it is one of the first gadget hints I give my students. They are super easy to make, small light and compact. A 1/4" by 20 ibolt and a hunk of string, chain or cable will do. It can give about 2 extra stops. Total cost is about half a buck if you have the string, nothing if you also have the ibolt.

My walk around kit always includes a string pod!
It is a very old trick which was commonly used for amateur cine-photography decades ago. The easiest and cheapest way to this is if you have a spare quick release plate with a D-handle bolt (many of the Manfrotto and larger Slik tripod quick release plates for example), tie a string of the adjusted length with a loop at the bottom. Put your foot through the loop and apply upward tension.

I would be surprised if you get 2-stops advantage but it could be possible. Better still, if you use the video mode of your camera, it is almost as good as a steady-cam.

The Steadecam is a very neat application of the idea but I would think a little overpriced. For the same sort of money you can get a cheap monopod.

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