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Bill Shinnick
A committee has taken on the idea of organising some form of photo challenge for members. There has been a lot of behind the scenes discussion between the Committee (of stillshunter, Streetshooter and bilzmale) together with Mods and Admin (BBW, olli and deirdre). In the early stages we shall use the "Other Genres" sub-forum of "Image Threads" to post each challenge.

The time frame of 5 days may seem short - that's why we're calling it a challenge! Our purpose is to inspire each other to take and make pictures! If you are unable to photograph during these 5 days, images from your back catalogue are also welcome. Images should be shot using a "serious compact".
Happy shooting!

The 5 Day Challenge (5DC).

Each challenge will open on Monday at 8am New York time (1pm London, 11pm Sydney).
Each member may submit only one photograph per 5DC.
Entries must be your own work, taken on a serious compact and fit the Theme selected.
Entries do not have to be taken during the Challenge although that is encouraged.
The thread will close on Friday at 8pm New York time (1am Saturday London, 11am Sydney).
Voting via a Poll will be possible from Saturday 8am New York time and close on Sunday at 8am.
The winner of the 5DC will select the Theme for the next Challenge.
A Committee member will then start the new Thread ready for Monday.

(Note from BBW: I've copied Bill's thread here to send out the alert, but the original thread is available here in the Coffee Bar and open for comments!)

**P.S. Let those who participated in this inaugural, cast their votes! See the newly merged thread: Inaugural 5 Day Challenge (5DC) 28th March - 1st April.

*****A note to let everyone know that since we were able to set things up earlier than expected, the voting via this Poll will be possible from now, approximately 8pm New York time and will close on Sunday at 8am, New York time.
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