Getting ready for my annual trip to the American Southwest.

My normal travel gear has been my trusty Gx85 (took a Gx8 one year, but the IBS was so much better on the Gx85 I changed), Pany 14 & GWC1 (Makes it a 10.5mm according to my PL8-18mm) and the Oly 75-300II. I was thinking about taking my G9II or Gh6, but after looking at my Gx85 images for the last 7 years I'm staying with it. Here is one of my snake images. I just don't feel the need and at 74 and disabled and from friend who I meet is 82, weight really is a consideration. We doing a lot of day trips around hunting beach (Bossa Checa is a great birding/snake place) and other close by stuff. Then probably 4 days at either Laughlin or Anaz Borago for some serious desert hiking again for snakes, spiders, and other critters. I've got all this "stuff" that I use in Oregon (Gh6/G9II PL: 100-400,12-60, 8-18, and Oly 60mm) but when I travel I just feel it is too much. Going to take advantage of TSA disabled check help and early boarding by flying is still an issue with me. With todays software the Gx85 produces great images (especially since I don't print any more) except for put up an 11 x 17 on the refrigerator door every now and then. I have a friend who is selling his D500/Nik 500 f5.6 to get a Sony all-in-one small sensor camera. Basically the same reasons as me but he more so with a 50% sight loss. Never know when this will be the last one with my friend of 30 years, so I keep going, but the gear gets less and less important. I have about 20K of images from our trips, and perhaps some of the excitement is gone. Also, I am not sure that getting within 5' even is going to work for me with some of the criters (although you can see how calm this guy is, had one go after my friend with 4 full length body strikes after we moved him out of the road). It's kind of sad to still feel a great imaging urge, but perhaps not the same level excitement for the travel. Anyone else feeling this way?
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There were 3 snakes that size under a tin. took images, put the tin back down. Not one coiled or Rattled - I work very slowly and only use snake sticks to move them off the highways. This one was much bigger than my forearm or bicep at the mid part of the body.
Enjoy your trip!

Kinda opposite for me. I still love traveling for sightseeing/ landscape photography/ aviation stuff, but really should have a travel partner these days and need to stay in range of decent EMS response. Kinda limits my travel options. The high cost of fuel and everything else isn't helping.