Getting started in lighting cheaply

This is for anyone interested in trying lighting for portraits. When I first started working with lighting, I was able to do so at a fairly low cost starting point. Thanks to Amazon, a lot of things became available at really low price points. Some of it, naturally, is not as well made as more expensive gear. But not all of it is so badly made that you can't use it a lot. I'm going to link to the stuff I used, with affiliate links wink wink. Then below I will post some sample portraits taken with them.

26" Octoboxes with 105w CFL bulbs. These give a really nice light. While the light output is not adjustable, the lights can be moved closer to or further from the subject. This kit comes with the light, octobox, diffuser, and a light stand. I used a pair of them.

For some effects, I got colored bulbs and clamp lights with aluminum reflectors. As gels can't be used with the lights I linked to.
red bulbs

clamp light

So, for under $100 you can have a two light kit. Along with a way of adding colored light.





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