Getting things started...What defines a serious compact?


Huntsville, AL
So thats the question. What do we define a serious compact? How many have taken a basic point and shoot and pushed it to its limits to get excelent images? How many love the idea of the LX3, G11, or even new Samsung TL500? Are mFT cameras serious compacts? Whats the expectation of the quality of these cameras? What compacts or serious compacts over the years have provided satisfying results?

I own two compact cameras, a panasonic FZ3 and a Canon A560. I have gotten excelent images with both. The FZ3 IMHO really got the ball rolling on small sensor superzooms(yes, there was the FZ1, but it wasn't as good). The canon A560/A570 both were small compacts that gave users the taste of what a serious compact can do.
In general, I agree with Amin's definition for "compact". I do consider the small APS-c DSLRs distinct outliers; perhaps not true members of the clan but definitely worthy of discussion here.

I would definitely add one requirement. The camera must include the classic M, A, S, & P metering options. A automatic only camera doesn't count as "serious" in my book.
Thanks Dwig, and welcome to the forum!

While there have always been S.C. readers who felt that that blog should focus exclusively on the use of pocket cameras, I think most of us share a common interest in a range of smaller cameras.
Is the Canon S90 a serious compact camera ? I assume it is. Like the DP2 is. As to small DSLR: OM 450 is small enough to be a serious member. My private opinion. Comments are appreciated and welcome, thanks in advance.
In my opinion, all three of those are beyond a doubt, serious compacts. In fact, all have received quite a bit of coverage on the old S.C. blog.

By OM 450, I assume you mean Olympus E-450?