Micro 4/3 GF1 hack for a dummy?!


I just recently got a GF1, I would like to do the hack everyone is talking about. Problem lies in the fact that I am a total idiot when it comes to computer stuff. I barely know how to use my IMac much less installing hack software to a camera. The sites I have seen so far get too technical with terms I've never heard of. Does anyone know of a layman's guide to do this and where to find the software. Maybe I'm not having any luck searching cause I don't know the lingo or just plain unskillfull with computers.


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Unless you know why you want to 'hack' your GF1 I'd avoid it. I had to hack my GH1 because I bought a US model without PAL video. I also enabled non-panasonic batteries and made a slight tweak to the video bitrates. If you don't have a reasonable understanding of these things don't do it. Not sure if these are the links you've been reading.

Using ptool.



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Please be advised. If you do the hack, neither mu-43 no SC is responsible if you have a problem.
We will not stop members from posting about hacks but will not support it either.