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P.S. You ended up on ebay through a deep, subconscious desire to justify your urge to shoot film.

No, I don't want to shoot film. And I'm glad the 2 people on Craigslist (the one with the Yashicamat with a stuck shutter and the one who listed his Mamiya 645 too cheap) didn't get back to me.

My new rule is no Craigslist or eBay after the happy hour starts:redface:


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Yashica Mat, Yashica Mat 635 w/135mm Adapter, Yashica Mat 124G [meter] ... must... show.. the Yashicamats... love. :D And there are deals to be had. don't forget that.


my new MAT-124 is going into hospickal tomorrow to sort out it's dodgy shutter. Along with my £6.50 Konica TC for a bit of TLC so I can use all the Hexanons I bought to use on m4/3.


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I knew you were one of those people. :p which is why I suggested a recovery party. You know afterwards. ie we can both take our cameras out, after, and shoot together er far apart. See now if you were closer my cameras could sit and watch over yours but then again there is risk in that, never know when you might be asked to be a donor. So it is better this way :D My little two eyed boxes are twitchy about sharing their parts except for 635 who is now doing the stripper [35 plate in, 35 plate out] dance. Cheeky thing that it is.
"You press the button, we will do the rest." That is the tag line from Kodak Eastman and their Brownie line of cameras introduced in 1900. If you look at a lot of camera advertising early in photographic history, you will see lots of selling points claiming how easy it is to use. Some early ads claimed that "even school boys" could use it. Women were often shown modeling the camera as "proof" it was easy. And later, early Leica ads focused on how flexible and economical the camera was and great for holiday snaps--not trying to sell it like it is today as some professional image magic machine.

You will find throughout history, the general populace was "dumb." We tend to look back in time with rose-colored specs.

Apparently we're getting dumber:

Human beings are getting dumber |

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