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I took a road trip from my house this morning down to my favorite playground in WV, Fayette County. A lot of activity down there revolves around the New River Gorge, and Glade Creek is no exception. It is one of the wildest streams in the canyon, frothing its way through Babcock State Park through a number of drops before entering the New River. I saw a kayaker's guide that listed the stream as containing a bunch of Class V and VI rapids. I've heard of people kayaking some of the extreme tributaries of the New River, but I've never seen them on this one.

Babcock is a two hour drive from my house, and despite the snowy, icy roads, it was very much worth the trip. It is an extremely popular place, and today was sunny and beautiful, so I expected a crowd. What I found when I got there was an empty parking lot. I suppose 5F (-15C) plus the nasty roads kept people home. The only part of me that got cold while I was walking around were my hands. Despite heavy winter gloves, my fingers were throbbing after just 20 minutes or so. Lots of finger rubbing and fist pounding to keep the blood flowing while I was working.

The solitude was incredible. The only sounds I heard beyond the thunder of the water was an occasional bird chirping, and the sound of ice cracking when an icicle would break away and fall from a rock overhang. I made a few other stops on the way home to visit some other waterfalls. It was a great day. Enjoy.






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