Gloucester on a crowded day


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I was in Gloucester yesterday afternoon and visited the the market at the docks, it was really crowded and very well supported.

A real mix of people to include some in Victorian dress.

XT2 + 55-200 did the job as I was doing my "one lens captures" and even though this is a great lens it does have challenges at events such as these but that is half the fun of using it.
Glos 2.jpg
Glos 3.jpg
Glos 6.jpg
Glos 7.jpg
Glos 8.jpg
Glos 10.jpg
Glos 13.jpg
Glos 14.jpg


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The 5th one has to be my favourite, really captures the atmosphere. But an honourable mention has to go to you capturing the expression of the lady in the 4th picture - she's impossible to read, that's why I like it.


Cotswolds, UK
Thank you both, it was not a planned photo opportunity, I was on my way to do some general street photos (the first two images) when my wife called me and told me about the event so along I popped and managed to capture some photos I am happy with.
I have no idea what the lady was thinking but she was willing when I moved them away from the crowd and into this area for the shot.
No. 6 the two Vicotorian "Ladies" is the one I enjoyed the most, we had a good laugh and again it was a challenge to photograph them without the crowds being in the way - a good afternoon though.


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Wow! Great shots. Don't know how you connected so well with the people using that long lens - great job. No's 4 & 7 are my favourites. You have some real characters down south!

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