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GM5 rocks 1200mm (e) . . . vs. superzoom

Jock Elliott

Hall of Famer
Jan 3, 2012
Troy, NY
(also posted at MU-43)

When camera designers think of their "ideal user" for a particular camera, I'm pretty sure I'm not that guy. Ever. The little dudes who work in the back room of my brain are constantly handing me ideas for things to try with my cameras. Technically, these are known as "stupid things" or, if you want to be kind, "goofy things."

This AM at zero dark 30, I woke with the following: the GM5 (the smallest camera that I know of that has both interchangeable lenses and an electronic viewfinder) has the capability to enable 2X and 4X digital zoom . . . what would happen if I mounted my Olympus 14-150 Mk. II and gave it a try? And how would that look compared to my Sony HX400V superzoom?

So by 6 am I was outside, photographing flowers. The GM5 has no IBIS, so I set the shutter speed to 1000th and let the ISO do whatever it wanted to do.

Here are the results (SOOC jpegs, followed by the same shot lightened in Picasa):

28 mm (e)


600mm (2x digital)

1200mm (4X digital)

HX400V, set in P mode, letting the camera decide (SOOC jpegs)




100 x digital (2400mm, I think)

200 x digital (4800mm??)

Here endeth the goofy experiment.

Cheers, Jock

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