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Jan 2, 2013
I've tried 2 brands of 40mm filters on my X10, one didn't fit at all and the other fitted perfectly. Nisi and Marumi respectively.

Their female threads (i.e the thread lens hoods screw into) also varied. My lens hood fitted perfectly on my Marumi filter, but literally fell off the Nisi filter, failing to grip at all.

I think it might be a case of trial and error as a number of forums said the Nisi fits perfectly.

It could just be down to manufacturing tolerances on the cameras or the filters.

Joey Wilson

Mar 19, 2012
I have the Marumi Digital Clear on my 10: Screws into the lens' threads just fine, the Fuji adapter/hood screws into it just fine, and the 10's metal lens hood goes on over it with no problems. Have not seen / tried the Nisi.
Feb 2, 2013
Does anyone know what the correct lens cap size would be for an X10 with a 40mm filter fitted - is it 40 or 40.5? Although the supplied lens cap is really nice I want something a bit more low profile and that can dangle from a string. (I looked at the JJC opening cap but it's as ugly as sin and you can't use it with a filter).
This guy looks great and works perfectly on my X10:



Mar 1, 2013
It seems Marumi did a great job with X10 filters. I did not found any complaints about them in my google searchs.


Feb 23, 2013
Lensmate thumb rest, marumi filter,lens hood...haven't used the lens cap in ages
Still not sure if raw or jpeg @ M, dr400; both processed in CO7 is best
Only problem is the rubber thumb rest has fallen off
If a 10s came along then all I would ask that it is weatherproof


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