golden hour colour


Hi I want to know what's best to achieve the golden/orange light everyone is after. I can use colour temperature orange gel over my speedlight. 2) I could use a reflector with a gold backing. Can I take a picture of an orange card and use it as a white balance preset? Will my pictures have that 'glow' I don't want to go in the menu and play around with magenta, blue etc. The temp. I'm looking for is around 6,800 K . Last but not least, I could do it in software. Simplest, ultimately adjustable etc. And costs nothing

Any ideas?



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Well at it's simplest, in LR/PS I can only suggest sliding the temperature towards the particular shading of yellow to your liking, then doing the same with the oranges and yellows of the Color Mixer (Saturation/Hue/Luminance).


I know, I just wanted a preset in the camera for convenience. Instead of going through each image to achieve the "look". I'll get the gels soon and see how they work. The reflector is coming soon as well.

thanks, so far


thanks Chris , colour temperature orange you mean? I mentioned that. Do you use them?
Yup, color temperature orange. I haven’t used them yet, but I’ve been watching some videos lately about them, and how you can even use them outdoors to mimic the golden hour effect anytime of day.
One of the videos was from a photographer I worked with on my work trip in Tucson, and she uses 2 of them stacked when doing it outdoors, but if it’s strictly indoors I imagine one should do the trick.