Fuji Good Deal Gets Me 2 More Lenses

I bought my Fuji X-E1 July 27 with 3 lenses, the 18-55mm, 35mm & 55-200mm. I just missed the June Fuji lens sale. Now another sale appears and I thought I was out of luck again. A phone call to the dealer who sold me my camera turned out beneficial as he gave me the discount price on any additional lenses I might want. I just sold my Sony NEX-5N with 3 lenses to my best friend today so I had exactly enough cash to buy the 18mm & 60mm macro with the $700 I had, actually doubling the value I got for my Sony gear. How cool is that? Now I have the 18mm, 35mm, 60mm, 18-55mm, 55-200mm lenses. I'm pumped. :)


Louisville, KY
Very nice indeed!!

I got a great deal for my X-E1 with 18-55, 35, and 14 from my camera dealer a good 2 weeks before the June Fuji deals were put up. Bought the 55-200 at full price from them as well because that's the lens that drove me to switch from MFT to begin with.

With the current sale and with the AF issues on the 60/2.4 being markedly improved with the newest lens firmware update, I thought to get the 60/2.4 as a macro/cheaper portrait lens. My dealer gave it to me for the sale price by knocking off 250usd from the MSRP. I'm tempted to try to see if I can get a discount on the 27/2.8 but I know it's just the GAS in me talking. :p I don't really need a pancake.
Although I admit to buying camera gear online in the past my last two cameras were purchased by local camera shops. This kind of willingness to bend the rules to keep a loyal customer adds one more reason to buy local.

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