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Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
Nice shots, Tony; I love aircraft and the atmosphere on airports from dusk til dawn. How do you like that 38mm Zuiko?
Thanks Ken. The Pen F 38/1.8 is a nice lens . . . very small and light, sharp where needed, but also has a color rendering that is almost like film at times. It also has a close focus ability down to 0.35m, or about a foot.


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Apr 18, 2014
Canary Islands
That's good to hear, Tony. The last Zuikos I got from ebay turned out to be pretty bad copies. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Vienna, especially the well sorted second hand camera stores on the 'Leica mile' (Westbahnstrasse). You pay a little extra but at least they let you test their stuff. No need to mention that Vienna isn't the worst place to try out new gear.

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