Fuji Good news for Fuji X lens owners?


Jan 16, 2014
Don't know if I need or buy one but yes, it is a good news. No splitting of different marketing directions and more compact lenses.


Jun 16, 2012
Colorado, USA
Ken W. Andrews
Yes, this is good IMO. The IQ/performance of the Fuji X Trans is so close to FF (from what I see, and in practical use) that it almost makes no sense at all to go the FF route for Fuji. Now, if they can come up with an X equivalent in a medium format, that makes sense. It would give current X photographers a clear upgrade path, that is a BIG step up, if they choose or "need" to do so. I have zero desire for a FF in comparison to my X's. If I were shooting Canon, Nikon or Sony APS-C, yep, I'd be looking at FF. Fuji could even keep the "X" moniker as their have already established that it is not tied to a sensor size (think X20, etc.), but rather the philosophy and intended audience.

I think Fuji would be wise (and what do I know? seriously! LOL) to have the following in their photography portfolio:

- Fuji X, medium format
- Fuji X, APS-C system and fixed lens
- Fuji X, 1" (or slightly larger sensor) with fixed lenses (they need to up the game here IMO)

- 1 or 2 super zooms until that market is no longer selling well enough to justify
- 3 or 4 compacts that have a few features you can't get in a phone (incl. weather seals)
- use this line to get people into the brand and then to move up to the X series.

- keep only 2 models (1 in the "classic design" and one in the more funky design for fun)


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Aug 15, 2010
I really think the output of the XE1 is pretty close to full frame in a lot of way. MF will be interesting. Hope it works for them!

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