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Hello folks,

I came across this site from the while doing research on a new camera. I did got a (and will be keeping) Nikon D90 and a few lenses. However, I am looking to get a compact camera that is capable of shooting RAW and can double at producing decent video.

I had high hopes for the Nikon P7000 (since I'm familiar with Nikon's Capture NX2 software), but eliminated it due to various reviews and user feedback that I've read. The Canon S95 seems too limited in terms of its video recording. So I've narrowed my considerations to the Panasonix LX5, and the Samsung TL-500 and TL-350. Still looking and welcome any constructive input.
Welcome! I know the Panasonic LX series is well regarded, though slightly long in the tooth these days. Depending on the price you'll allow yourself, the Panasonic G100 with the pancake 12-32mm zoom or another small lens might be a good option for you.
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Can I use that to help define "Compact"? It's all relative! A Z6 or Z5 is "compact" in relation.

The D90 is a landmark camera- what lenses do you have?
Welcome from Norway.

Having both the LX5 and the LX7, I would have gone for the latter, it feels rather more contemporary than the LX5 in my opinion, photo-vise.

Not a videographer so it may not hold up in that regards. :drinks:
:Welcome: from Germany.
I have the Lumix LX 100.2 with a 1.7-2.8/24-75mm Leica zoom as compact option. The image quality is great and the movies I made with it are perfect in image quality and sound (concert movies). The one and only drawback: no tiltable LCD panel. From its size it's more a coat-pocket than a trouser-pocket camera.