Bart J D

Hall of Famer
Nothing dramatic, just lacking time at this point in my life :unsure:
I just didn't want to stay away without a goodbye.

I really enjoyed all the contributions, be it images, insights, or bits of information and the encouragements here.
I hope to reconnect by the end of 2024 when I hit the retirement age (y)

All the best to everyone and hope to see you all again!
Bart... your images, your perspectives, and your presence... have enriched me and I know a lot of other people. Whatever paths you take, I hope they prove to be creative, surprising and fulfilling ones. And if you find yourself succumbing to the itch to pick up the camera and press the shutter button once more... that would be cool. I don't know if photographers - and I include so many great image-makers who are, do, or have participated here - ever really reach retirement age... but I hope it will occasion some good celebratory moments. Thank you for these words here... and the only ones which come to mind are ones we English speakers have borrowed from the French: Bon voyage!
The thought of having a creative break has been on my mind for some time too, Bart, therefore I can fully understand you. Several times within the last year I was on the verge to break out but somehow kept on. Wishing you all the best, above all good health. Looking forward to seeing you posting again - as I really enjoyed your posts - and hoping this time-out gives you new ideas to share with us.
All the best, Bart. :2thumbs: