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April arrived, yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful day with sunshine and blue skies. Today oh well weather isnt cooperative so I will be watching telly. As motor fan I will follow motorraces at Jerez which is broadcasted live. Will do a search for a sigma dp camera on the internet cause I'm charmed by its foveon sensor. When will the dp1 be announced? The news of a new a35 camera is good news i think. Still waiting for the new sony bloggie which i have pre ordered. Looking forward to experience the world of 3d, though i don't have a 3d telly... I'm too taking a look at rc helis which may be used for aerial shooting. Today i will sit down and relax enjoying good life.
And you what are you doing?


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Oh Herman, a belated good morning to you! Today's morning here in New York is overcast and drizzly but it's April and it's not cold, so I am happy! Lots to do today from clients and billing to list of domestic duties, as well....and reading about my new gizmo that should arrive tomorrow. I work "from home" which I love, but which is full of "opportunities" to get into all sorts of things that I didn't plan on.;)


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Hi Herman, this morning I was doing a little tidying in my house, walking my dog, getting ready for work, driving into work (45 minute commute), realising when I got into work that I wasn't actually scheduled to work today, blushing furiously, speaking to my charge nurse, finding out what shifts I should actually be working (weekends again, grrrhhhh, but more money, still grrhhhh, money isn't everything, grrhhhh), driving home (45 minute commute). Now watching "Upstairs Downstairs" on dvd and typing this post, waiting for my phone to charge so I can call my husband and tell him what I wally I am! Typical Scottish weather today, sunshine, showers, windy and cold! I'm off work Tuesday and Wednesday so hopefully weather will improve so can go out photo huntiing.


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Will do a search for a sigma dp camera on the internet cause I'm charmed by its foveon sensor. When will the dp1 be announced?
Sorry Herman, have I missed something here, with the bit I've bolded? I had to look at the date stamp to make sure you weren't reminiscencing from back in 2007 when we were all anticipating Sigma's big sense compact release - it was sort of like how we've all felt about the X100 since Photokina 2010 ;)

....unless there is another "DP1" on the horizon? What do you know....? C'mon.....

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