Got a 4K screen, end of pixel peeping?


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Dec 22, 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark
So I finally got around to replacing my 25" 2560x1440 Dell monitor with a LG 27UD58 27" 4K one. I find that the prices are reasonable now, and spending a lot of time looking at photos and working with photos I felt I could justify the expense. Fortulately my wife agreed :D

At first I was surprised at how much bigger a 27" screen is compared to a 25", it's very noticable and very nice. And of course the resolution is wonderful for pictures and with a bit of adjusting the UI scaling it works great for "regular windows stuff".

What really surprised me is how it changed the way I look at pictures, with the old monitor I found myself constantly zooming to 100% pixel resolution to "check the details", especially with my Sigma DP Merrill images as they have a very unique look at pixel level resolution.
Or so I thought, on the old screen they looked very special indeed, but on the new screen not so much. The difference between full screen view and "100%" is much smaller now and maybe that's why, I'm not sure I can explain it correctly but I think the aliasing and "full color readout per pixel" of the Foveon sensor combined with the large pixels of the old screen ended up giving that look.
It still looks great on the new monitor, looks even better than before, but now the other cameras look great too :)

I now find myself looking more at "the whole picture" than peeping at the details, probably because I can see the details much better while looking at the whole thing.

Sadly this also means that cropping 2560x1440 images from a single Merrill file no longer works as well, as it's not filling the screen so I no longer have the illusion of "lossless digital zoom".

Did any of you experience something similar going to a 4K display?

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