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TL;DR, $60 for a used Canon 40D in good condition with 2 batteries, a charger and a vertical grip. It's not like anyone would want to buy this thing in 2019 anyway but here's the thoughts behind it.

A few days ago when I was searching on the topic of micro contrast, which was talking all about lenses, I though maybe that's what I call "tonality", it doesn't mean the cleanness or dynamic range but, basically the richness in gradations, something like the CRI number indicates that you often find with light sources.

So today I stumbled on a web page that totally didn't mention anything about lenses but the relationship between micro contrast and digital sensor sensitivity, not ISO but sensitivity, like how capable is every pixel of capturing light, and we all know where that debate leads, more pixels VS fewer but bigger pixels. But the analysis didn't stop there, it also talked about how the capability of the A/D converter and raw bit depth contribute to the final results. In short, among other camera bodies recommended, 40D is one of the few APS-C bodies that got mentioned, which was a mid level body Canon released back in 2007 and a worthy upgrade from previous generation. It has 6.5 fps burst, 9 cross type AF points, big and bright penta-prism OVF, 1/8000s SS and most importantly, very new then 14bit raw and also being the latest body with "only" 10.1MP on the sensor.

I then went to the well hated DxOMark to get an rough idea of the sensor performance, to read it offers technically a little bit better tonality than the 15MP 50D, that's what I wanted to hear and also I went to check the newer sensor in the 80D and also my EOS M50, and it of course scores much much higher and that's about when I decided to check some real world examples.

Real world images say, DxOMark score is total BS. As anyone can search for the image pools on Flickr for both the 40D and 80D, and I had one word for the 80D images, DULL, that was it. I can't wait to have the 40D delivered and start shooting right away.

PS: this is the web page that got me thinking
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