Got me a job in a camera Shop!!! Whooop Whoooop!!!

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I currently work for the Police and although i have been happy there i only work when i get offered it on kinda short contracts. These are getting scarce now so have been looking for a full time job. I managed to get a job on the sales floor of a large Photographic retailer here in the UK. I won't say where yet as i don't start for another few weeks but to say I'm chuffed is an understatement Plus they have a Fuji X100 on display for me to drool over!!!! Can't wait to start!


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Congratulations, Andy!!!! :bravo-009: I'm so pleased for you and will look forward to your sharing the camera store's name with us once you begin. Just promise that you'll leave your credit cards at home!:friends:

Great news, Andy - now you'll be able to keep us all even more up-to-date on the camera news!


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Andy, congrats.
Many moons ago, I worked at Kosmin's Camera Exchange here in Philly.
The owner Herman, gave me great discounts on everything. Where that came to play was in the used Dept.
Guys would trade in their cameras and get new stuff.
Herman gave them 50% of value and I got 60% off that.
It's how I built my Leica collection.

I'm not suggesting anything but the used is where you will make out.
Enjoy your new venture and report any Ghost in the gear you find.

Ray Sachs

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you should be able to figure it out...
Enjoy it Andy! I had one of those once (a job in a camera shop). I loved the camera part but it was mostly a sales job and they wanted you to push what they wanted you to push. I didn't love that part. Maybe you'll be luckier!