Got me a job in a camera Shop!!! Whooop Whoooop!!!

London UK
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Thanks all. I'm not sure what the discount is like but I'm sure I'll put it to good use. I'm still looking for the perfect Rangefinder type camera so I will have the opportunity to have a good play. My heart strings are going out for the X1 but it will take ages to get one as the waiting list is loooooooong! Not sure working in the shop would help?:wink:
Short-term contracts suck. Full-time employment kicks butt! Congrats. You'll have to be really strong and not spend your whole paycheque on the toys you'll be fondling on a daily basis. In my younger days, I worked part-time in a bike store and I ended up spending most of my paycheques on bike parts and bikes. I'd be living on plain bread and water if I had a job in a camera store....

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