Fuji Got my XT10 today - my first Fuji !


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Nov 20, 2016
My XT10 kit with 18-55 f2.8-4 and 55-200 arrived today
Got it in the Black option which to me looks better than the silver
Have charged the battery and had a quick look at menus, handling and operation etc
Seems a little alien at the moment having been solely M43 for the past 6 or so years
Pleased with the lenses - both have a very good quality build and feel - the 55-200 is not as big as I thought it might be which I'm happy about
The body is very light - the grip could be better for me so will probably get the optional Fuji metal finger grip which I think will be needed with the 55-200
No chance to take photos yet but will hopefully try it out at the weekend
Could someone kindly point me in the direction of a thread with recommended initial settings please

Stephen S

Feb 14, 2014
East Bay, Northern California
Stephen Scharf
Congrats and welcome to the family. When I bought my X-Pro1 back at the end of 2012 (almost 4 years ago minus a week), I hardly knew of anyone shooting Fuji X-cams.

I'd recommend picking up a nice clean used XF14/2.8 when you get a chance. It's a fantastic lens and you will find it suprisingly versatile. With that comprising your three lens "kit" you will have coverage for about 98% of the scenarios you'll be shooting in. Great start.

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