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Saw this a couple of hours ago. Apart from the sensor upgrade I see that there is sensor shift IS, a new metering mode and improved video but no 16.9 aspect ratio. As it appears to be no bigger than the GRll it will hopefully use the same battery.
Will be interesting to see what is revealed on Saturday (or before). Perhaps time to start saving.
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Very nice package - but still no (E)VF. It's quite what was to be expected, but, pending the sensor's performance, just a solid modernisation, no re-invention of the camera (well, in a way it is - articulating touchscreen). I.B.I.S. is a welcome addition, though, as is the hybrid AF system; if you read between the lines, you'll notice that they left out the AA filter as well. It stays a real GR, but with even better usability.

So, all in all, a convincing product - however, for my specific needs, quite like the GR II, probably not enough to make me want to upgrade from my original GR. Let's see how it performs ...

EDIT: Concerning the screen, as far as I can see, there's no articulation whatsoever, so that part of the description appears to be false.

RICOH GR III, a high-end digital compact camera, to be exhibited for a preview at Photokina 2018|RICOH IMAGING

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The Current GR is at least 5 years old in tech but I’m wedded to it every day because it’s capable of giving me magic a bit more different and unique to everything else out there. I’m a bit nervous this new one won’t be like that (I noticed the current sensor has been chopped) and might just be conforming to every other new product. We’ll see.


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Been waiting for this for a while.

Everything looks great to me:

New (current) 24mp sensor
Image stabilization
Dust reduction sensor shake
New hybrid AF
Slightly smaller package

Really, the only negative over previous versions, is the loss of the flash. I can live without that though, as I hardly used it on my previous GR.

Hopefully the new lens resolves as sharp as the old one, with the increased resolution.

Also, interested the see how it's priced. Hopefully in line with previous GR launch pricing.

It will definitely be on my shopping list. Shame we have to wait another ~6 months.


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I definitely think pricepoint could be very important. The improvements are nice, but not earthshaking. For me, I just bought a used GR because I thought thought the GRII was not significantly greater to least at the prices they were being offered. And frankly, the GRIII looks great, but a baby step over the II which is a baby step over the GR.

I'm sure there's a load of GRII cameras in the supply cheap will those be discounted....or will they try to sell the III for a premium price for awhile?


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This is going to be the bomb. So many exciting announcements this Photokina!
  • IBIS - it's only 3 axis but it's still stabilization
  • Ultrasonic dust cleaning - this should solve a few problems people have been having
  • USB C charging - great for a top-up in power when driving
  • 24mp sensor - now we get that great high ISO and resolution along with Ricoh's bonanza of colour science
  • Smaller body - the length is more like the GRD III, which is excellent
  • Same battery as before - the weight difference with and without battery is 30g, same as the previous models
  • Touchscreen - changing settings will be even easier, and it has a tempered glass screen
  • New lens - hopefully it's just as sharp while giving us even closer focus distance
  • 14 bit raw DNG files - we get even better colour and tonal gradations
Yeah, I'm absolutely buying this! :bravo-009:


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I'm fondling my GRD III and GR in anticipation of the GR III! They are such great cameras. The GRD III was so welded to my habitual shooting that I often had dreams in which I saw something interesting and took a photo with the GRD III. It's the only camera I remember dreaming about, and the dream actions matched exactly how I did things in real life.

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