Grand Saturday Out


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After a little sleep, we hop into the car and head to the coast, where it's too early for the disco people (beach sleeping after a night spent on the dance floor does not happen in Tuscany , while quite common in the northeast) but not for us.


So we enjoy nearly empty water and plenty of sun.


And we spend all the day there - talking, bathing, sleeping and killing all the germs with the magic of a little light. Relax always works!


And then, a snack and we head north


Pisa. Something new just out of the fortress. Capperi!


In town, a collection of posters from the recent Tunisian revolution shown in the central open lodge. Many young Arab political activists studied in Pisa and it shows.


Then it's Dinner time (Siro-Lebanese, cheap and delicious, no pics to protect the guilty), but it must end with the best from Naples. Sfogliatella!


While we head back to the car to go home, Saturday evening kicks in for the young ones, the town centre just a big open air club.


And that's all!


All with E-PL3 and Lumix 20 f/1,7, out of camera jpeg

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