Ricoh GRD iii -- impressions and just one wish (missing feature)


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For what it is, the GRD III is amazing. Sure, I'd love to have infinite DR and clean high ISO, etc. etc., but for fitting in my jeans pocket, I'm amazed. I'm also amazed at the control. I just discovered the ability to easily adjust the snap focus depth (1m, 1.5m, 2.5m, 5m, infinity). So handy.

The ability to completely customize the three custom dial settings is outstanding. And shooting with CCD again is so nice.

I realize I'm late to the party on this, so this is old news to everyone, but I was thinking there's just one little item I'm missing.

One of my all-time favorite pocket cameras was the Canon SD800. This thing was a beauty. One thing from the SD800 that i wish the Ricoh had was that little tiny optical tunnel. Of course an EVF, etc. is all so much nicer, but not really practical in a camera this small, but a tiny little tunnel would be very handy. Then I'd put it in snap mode, leave the LCD off, and just fire from an OVF.

Oh well, can't have everything, but a fun camera none the less!


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I agree, even a tiny built-in OVF would be awesome. The add-on OVFs aren't conducive to the pants pocket.


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Yes, I did think about that, but the GRD slips in my jeans pocket now (very, very happy with that). An attached VF would negate that. Still, it doesn't at all damper my enthusiasm for the camera. Just a comment, based on a prior experience with the Canon ELPHS.


you are right low profile but not low price, they are really nice though.
I have to admit for me too put any camera besides my cell phone in a normal pants pocket is not something I would be doing anyway