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Anyone willing to share customize setting for B&W street shooting? Just got GRD III from eBay and looking forward to start

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you should be able to figure it out...
Sorry, never saw this thread back when it was started. I did a lot of B&W street work with the GRDIII. I played around with the high contrast B&W JPEG mode, but ultimately found it too restrictive. So about 99% of my street work with that camera was shot raw and processed with Silver Efex Pro. That sensor was pretty limited and raw was the way I found to get the most from it.

Probably little help and too late besides, but there you go...



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I shot the whole of the January PaD challenge three years ago with my GRDlll set to HiBW and was very pleased with the results but I agree it can be a little restrictive. These days with my GRD I mostly use Topaz Labs for mono but I still like to dabble with HiBW like a guilty pleasure... ;)

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