Ricoh GRD4 strange omissions

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As I use the GRD4, and as I read other peoples’ notes some strange omissions have been brought up. If you’re not used to using the GR series you might not be bothered, but as someone who has, and one of many, these seem strange things which I’m sure will be corrected with a firmware update.

Ricoh’s ‘snap’ function is one of the things that really make this camera what it is. The ability to use the zoom button to quickly change the snap distance helped speed things up a lot. This function [zoom button] has been taken away.

Secondly, when shooting Raw + Jpg, live view will show you standard, vivid, bw and bw the shooting modes, but not high contrast bw, xpro, bleach. Why? We don’t know – seems a strange quirk given that the GRd3 and 2 let you view this in Raw + Jpg. It’s easily solved by setting the function to one of the ‘my’ functions, but this only allows you to shoot Jpg. The old way you could shoot Raw and still see the ‘effect’ of high contrast bw etc on the screen.