Ricoh GRDIII Images in Colour


Feb 8, 2012
Thanks. I did do some processing in Aperture 3, mostly just curves and hue adjustments.
Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
That is an incredibly clean crisp night image!
Thanks, Will. I had the camera balanced on a railing on the dock, and let it do its thing. Processing was done with Nik Define, and a bit of sharpening and contrast adjustment in PS. I started playing with it in CEP as well but nothing seemed right so its pretty much as original. This camera is capable of so much more than street photography. Its also whats giving me the urge to look at a GXR + 24-72 lens (first, and then others later) rather than many of the other choices I am leaning toward at the moment. But that, whatever it ends up being, is still a long way off.


I like B&W, but, sorry in advance for stepping on toes, think it's over-done and often a bit cliche. So, thanks to all for this ricoh color thread.

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