Great Deal: Sigma DP1s for $284.61


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The Sigma DP1s is now selling at Amazon and by Amazon for $284.61, which is an unbelievable deal. I sold my DP1 a while ago, but at this price, I'm very tempted to pick up another one. There is a certain look to those DP1 images which I miss and cannot replicate with my current camera.

Link: Sigma DP1s at Amazon

I found this deal at 1001 Noisy Cameras. If you're interested in camera deals, they have a whole blog dedicated to those.

A window grab from my DP1:

Thanks BB!

Andrew, two absolute classics IMO. I saw on the Noisy blog that the GX100 was discounted recently as well. Can't go wrong with either of those deals :2thumbs:.
I'm thorn between the Sigma DP1s and the ricoh GRD3 . I have a GRD1 but it is not working correctly any more. I love its size and controls. but the sigma has a film like picture quality (and I mean film as in movie film). what should I do :)
My DP1s just arrived from Amazon, surprisingly overnight! Cheap price and free overnight shipping... what did I do?

I have both the GRD3 and DP1s. I had the DP1 once before. If I could only have one it would be the GRD3.